minecrafters best

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the awesome world of minecraft.

the place where i can give you an update on the latest servers.

my in game name is eaker_kids. and i am known for finding meney awesome servers.

now i am not the only one who runs the web site i have a friend named sam. his in game name is zoomyboy and i have known him ever sence i moved down to fairbanks AK.

me and zoom are minecraft buddys so yeah you can probly find me or him on some of the servers i tell you guys about. now just one quick thing the reson this web site was made is because of a show i watch called the minecraft monday show. now bebopvox ( hes the host on the show ) he no longer shows some epic servers on there eney more. because when he showes the server off its now a big target for the ddos hackers. ( well i am a ddos hacker but most of the time i just hack servers i hate ) well congrats ddos hackers you won this round LOL. well yeah so if you watch the minecraft monday show and you want to hear about some cool servers come down to this place. just click the icon where it says news and well thats the news about the epic servers and not only that but i also give out the ip so you can go out there and start playing.  and i update this place every sunday.

      well good mineing for you and i am eaker_kids and my friend zoomyboy.

            see you next sunday and happy minecrafting ;)